Pilot :


  • Thai nationality, aged between 18-58 as at date of selection,
  • Exempt from military service (Male)
  • University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree,
  • Holding a Valid Thai CPL / ATPL with IR (Fixed wing aircraft).
  • Fluent in Thai and English both written and spoken (Acquisition of ICAO English Proficiency Level 4 or above)
  • Hold a Medical Certificate Class I
  • Hold a psychology test result from institution of Aviation Medicine, RTAF./ Bangkok Hospital
  • Must hold a Police Clearance Certificate issued by The Royal Thai Police.
  • Minimum of 5,000 hours total, including 1,000 hours as PIC of Jets.(for Captain)
  • Short listed candidates are required to sit for simulator test
  • Prepared to sign bond.
  • Send Email to and
  • Period : Now until 10 November 2014

Passenger Service Officer :


  • Perform check-in and boarding gate procedure, including baggage check for both domestic and international flights
  • Prepare flight documents
  • Provide flight information for passengers
  • Maintain safety and security procedures and standard of the airlines
  • Ensure ticketing policies and procedures are correctly implemented
  • Perform seat booking requested, issuing and re-issuing of tickets, re-validation ticket, fare calculation and etc.


  • Female, Age 21-26 years old
  • Bachelor degree or higher in any field
  • Experience in airlines or airport handling is a plus and also welcome Fresh Graduate
  • Good English Communication skill. Additional language would be an advantage.
  • Good computer knowledge
  • Able to work on shift pattern
  • Send Email to

Load control Team Leader :

Job Description

  • Prepare Loading Instruction Report form both of manual and in the system
  • Prepare Load sheet and all document for Load Control function
  • Calculate Dry Operating Weight and Index for the flight including the weight of final passenger and incorporate the weight of total balance form the close out
  • Responsible for overseeing and coordination the safe unloading/loading of the aircraft.
  • Responsible for as safe, secure & correct aircraft arrival to/departure from its parking stand. This is to include the overseeing of safety of the entire operation on the ramp area, involving all staff and third party suppliers.
  • Co-coordinating & recording the safe and timely delivery of all services to the aircraft at the request of the crew or engineers.
  • Responsible for the safe co-ordination of the pushback/start-up procedure on departure of the aircraft
  • Monitoring of effective quality measurement systems to ensure performance delivery and compliance to safety standard.


  • Male at least 28 years old
  • Bachelor Degree in any field (Aviation Field is an advantage)
  • Good of both written and spoken English and computer literacy
  • Enthusiastic, good interpersonal skill and good analytical skill
  • Currently holding Weight & Balance is a plus
  • Experiences more that 3 years in related field. Professional Experience in Weight & Balance is advantage
  • Send Email to

Aircraft Mechanic and Aircraft Skill Mechanic :


  • Male /Thai nationality.
  • Aircraft Maintenance training graduated.
  • Knowledge of English language is essential.
  • The person would have to be responsible and show initiative.
  • Must possess an adequate toolbox and tools.
  • Hometown or Address Location at Chiang mai (CNX), Hat Yai (HDY), Krabi (KBV), Phuket (HKT), Surat Thani(URT), Udon Thani (UTH)
  • Send Email to

Quality Assurance Auditor/Quality Assurance Officer :


  • Male or Female/Thai nationality.
  • Technical Training School, or Aircraft Maintenance Training School, or Bachelor Degree in Aeronautical field.
  • Work experience as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Licence Engineer 5 years (Advantage)
  • Good Computer usage in Ms Office (Word, Excel)
  • Good command in English Language (speaking, listening, writing and reading)
  • Send Email to

KBV Station Manager :


  1. On behalf of the General Manager Ground Services, to conduct all the Thai Lion air Passenger Service and Ramp Service Programs
  2. Adequacy of staffing : To ensure the manpower strength to handle the operations at station is sufficient. This requirement apply to all services provided by third party venders as well as per the agreed Standard Ground Handling and Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  3. Station Organization Chart : Station Managers/Reps/Head are required to prepare an organization chart for the station and ensure
  4. Staff Competency and Training : To ensure the every staff is provide with the appropriate training to acquire the skills needed to perform their duty and responsibilities.
  5. Job Description : Station Manager/Rep/Head must ensure that every staff at station is provided with a Job Description. The Job Description must clearly document the responsibilities and accountability of the staff and be available for reference and inspection.
  6. Courses :
    • To ensure at least 1 staff on duty has attended Dangerous Goods Awareness (DGA) Course. This is also applicable to third party handlers.
    • To ensure that all staff preparing Weight and Balance have undergone the required training and are Certified to do load sheet.
    • To ensure that all staff have attended First Aid Awareness Briefing and First Aid quick reference or posters are available and displayed for staff reference.
  7. Station Manuals : To ensure that all manuals are kept current and available for staff reference.
  8. Station Manager must keep Station Record
  9. Station Manager must keep monitoring Safety Issues:
  10. Set up operation in the new established
    • Dealing with Thai DCA for rent contract for Thai Lion Air
    • Airline office space and operation.
    • Procure office equipment and ground service equipment.
    • Synchronize with ground handling agent to ensure ground operations are conduct according to Thai Lion Air service and safety standards.
  11. Daily flight Operation
    • Supervise / Training / Induction of handling agent staff on all aspects of service and safety standards, where necessary with the supervisor and across the service parties.
    • Ensure ground operations are completed within the standard operation duration
  12. Weekly/Monthly Report
    • Flight operation irregularities
    • Mishandle baggage report
      • - Budgeting and expenditure control review and approve stock requisition and purchase order.
      • - Human resources management such as staff roster, staff grooming, mid-year and yearend staff appraisal.
      • - Internal and External Station Audit.


  • Male, Age 35 years old, Permanent transfer.
  • Minimum 5-7 years’ experience in airline operations required.
  • Extensive background in Ramp and Guest Service operations strongly preferred.
  • Experience in managing service providers and procurement programs.
  • Experience in recruiting staff and using Performance Management programs
  • Send Email to

Public Relations Officer :

Public relations officers plan, develop, put into place and evaluate information and communication strategies that present an organization to the public, clients and other stakeholders. They also promote good information flow within their organization.


  • Male or female, age 23-30 years old.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Communication Arts (Advertising and Public Relations or Radio and Television), Journalism
  • At least 3 years experience in related job
  • Pleasant personality, strong interpersonal skill and service minded.
  • Sufficient knowledge in computer literacy (proficient in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Illustrator etc)
  • Can create columns/articles/captions on gas industry or energy/petroleum business
  • Good human relationship and connection with local press, journalists and mass media
  • Send Email to

International Marketing officer :


  • Male or Female age between 23 - 28 years old
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Business Administration, International business, Marketing or related field
  • 2 years experience in Airline Business (advantage)
  • Strong communication, analytical skills, computer skills and customer orientation
  • Fluent in English of writing, reading and speaking (Chinese is an advantage)

After entering your application, the recruitment and selection team will assess all applications received. Candidates complying with the greatest number of requirements for the position will be included in the next process (the interview). The Recruiting and Selection team will contact eligible candidates for our recruitment program and interview.

If you meet the requirements, please follow the instructions and submit your application to email :