Free Sport Equipment allowance

With 15 kg check-in Sport Equipment allowance without worrying about extra charges. – If your item exceeds this you’ll need to pay an additional baggage fee.

*In these Terms & Conditions will available for Thai Lion Air destination only.

Sporting Equipment may be carried in the hold of the aircraft with 15 Kgs free of charge. If they are checked in as baggage, passengers agree they send for carriage of such items at their own risk. The passengerwill be required to sign a Limited Release at check-in counter confirmation to consent does not make any claim against the airline. If any Sporting Equipment which exceeds the 15 Kgs will be charged on a per Kgs as Checked baggage fare. The object in the discretion of the airline, such as a pistol which can register for one each. It is not allowed to carry to the cabin, whether the passengers must inform the airline staffs once make a booking and present at the check-in counter of the airline before the scheduled flight departure time one (1) hour. With present the authorization document to carry firearms to staff of the airline. (Domestic Flight).

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