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Thai Lion Air awarded CAPA Asia Pacific Low Cost Airline of the Year 2018

09 November 2018
By Thai Lion Air By Thai Lion Air

Thai Lion Air awarded CAPA Asia Pacific Low Cost Airline of the Year 2018

Singapore, 8 Nov 2018 - This is awarded to the low cost or hybrid airline that has been the biggest standout strategically, has established itself as a leader, has been most innovative, and provided a benchmark for others to follow.

Thai Lion Air was selected for its rapid expansion and successful distribution strategy, enabling it to quickly become the second largest LCC in one of Asia’s largest and fastest growing markets. Thai Lion turns only five years old this month and will end this year with a fleet of 35 aircraft and more than 10 million annual passengers.

Thai Lion focused initially on the domestic market, where it now has around 20% market share and is the second largest airline. Over the last year it has pursued rapid and successful expansion in the international market, with a focus on China. Thai Lion only began serving China in 2016 and has already become the largest airline from Thailand – and all of Southeast Asia – in the strategically important Chinese market. Thai Lion’s distribution strategy follows more a hybrid rather than pure LCC model but has enabled it to expand rapidly. Thai Lion provides complimentary check-in bags up to 20 kg included.

“Thai Lion has adopted the LCC model to suit its market while maintaining a very low cost base through leveraging synergies from its parent the Lion Group,” Mr Harbison said. “What Thai Lion has accomplished in less than five years is extraordinary and puts the airline in a strong position for the future as the Thailand market continues to expand rapidly.”