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Thai Lion Air takes 175 Thai people back from Surabaya, Indonesia

27 May 2020
By Thai Lion Air By Thai Lion Air

27 May 2020 - Thai Lion Air recued all 175 Thai people from Surabaya, Indonesia back to Thailand. Thai Lion Air operated with Boeing 737-900ER, Repatriation flight SL 2110 departure from Don Mueang International Airport to Juanda International Airport, Indonesia to rescue Thai passengers left in Surabaya. All passengers have medical test and medical certification which the result of no disease and fit to fly. Including with a letter from the Royal Thai Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which cooperated all the passengers back to Thailand on flight SL 2111 from Juanda International Airport to Don Mueang International Airport. For airline safety measures has requested the cooperation of all passengers wearing a mask throughout the flight. All crew members wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), N95 Mask, Face Shield, glasses, helmets and gloves. All the equipment testing procedures are good quality and processes.