Airbus A330neo Announcement for SKYfi, "Onboard Player"

Thai Lion Air provides free entertainment for passengers who traveling with Airbus 330neo, just have an application "Onboard Player" for connecting entertainment on your mobile phone or tablet via WIFI on board. Passengers can download the application before boarding with App Store or Google Play Store.

The details are as follows;

Step 1

Download "Onboard Player" application before traveling.

Download :

Step 2

Turn on WIFI and connect the signal "Lion Air" to access the SKYfi system.

Step 3

Open the Web Browser:

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and enter the URL: or click here

Step 4

Turn the mobile phone into Flight Mode. And strictly follow the instructions from cabin crew

Step 5

"Onboard Player” will turn off automatically when the aircraft take off and landing

Step 6

Passengers can use the application and enjoy the movies when the seat belt sign is turn off


  • Passengers will only be able to access the movies or content designated by Thai Lion Air. Live Internet is not available
  • Please pay attention to the announcement from cabin crew
  • Please use headphones to enjoy the movies. And be careful not to disturb other passengers