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'Status' is one of the factors that makes each journey, even to the same place, different: exciting when you are young, romantic when you are in love, and self-reflected when you are alone. Traveling as a child or a parent, however, are two of my favourites.As a child, I felt carefree because my parents always looked after me.As a parent, I took that responsibility, felt tired but, thanks to my kid’s laughters, could still carry on. Recently, I also got to travel again as a grown son taking my parents on a trip. Our roles were reversed; I was looking after them now. And I bet we all share these same experiences. This month is a perfect time for a family trip. Or if it is yet unlikely, try bringing up this idea with them could be interesting. For more ideas and special offers, you are welcome to visit the Thai Lion Air booth at the 25th Thai International Travel Fair, from this 22nd to 25th August, at Challenger 2, Muang Thong Thani. If a journey is memorable with a good company, why not sharing it with your parents, someone who always want to be with you.

Quality Time, Quality Trip with Family

6 ideal destinations to bring your mum to During this month of Thai Mother’s Day is another great time of the year to go on vacation with family. If you are still looking for ideas where to spend your extended holidays, Lion Mag proudly presents 6 well-selected excursions with fun-filled activities throughout this August for all ages and gender.