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CEO Message

“Every tile has a story to tell” is not just a metaphor symbolising affects, attitudes, and experience which constitute an individual self. Rather, I believe that, literally, each tile does have its own story.
In every city, that is to say, when you look into details on any walls, ceilings, or even manhole covers, you can learn some aspects of the place. All details, thus, reflect their uniqueness. Beyond the tiles, another thing I enjoy paying attention to is local food culture. Some countries prefer having eateries and restaurants gathered in a specifc and/or opened during a certain time period.
Thai people, however, are accustomed to have a variety of food available to be selected anywhere, anytime.
This latest issue of LIONMAG, therefore, features bits and pieces about “street food”, in which we will take you, the readers, to explore some must-trys at many localities across regions. Our aims are to introduce you all to different delicacies and simultaneously hint at interesting stories behind them.
So, it might be of a little inconvenience if the readers cannot help feeling hungry while reading. In that case, please feel free to call our cabin crew. Despite no in-flight chef, the crew’s determination is just the same.

Cheow Lan Lake

Perfect season to unwind at Cheow Lan
Dubbed as Guilin of Thailand, Ratchaprapha Reservoir aka Cheow Lan Lake boasts the panoramic view of emerald waters embraced by spectacular limestone cliffs. With drizzles in September, additionally, humidity often causes fog and mist to enshroud the waterfront, resulting in even more mesmerising vista.
Khao Sok National Park, where the lake lies, is an evergreen rainforest that expands over two districts of Surat Thani province. Besides a rich biological diversity, it is also home to beautiful waterfalls, deep valleys, exciting caves, and many more to explore.
The highlighted activities in Cheow Lan, however, is to paddle on the lake in a Hobie kayak, passing limestone karsts rocketing up in the sky, then, to stay overnight at one of the floating bungalows. Package tours offering everything, i.e.accommodation, boat transports, and daily meals, are available.
For those looking for further choices of stay, the National Park Department-owned huts costs less than THB 1,000 per night/person while other private-owned properties ranging from floating cottages to luxurious houses differ in prices.